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Amalfi Coast Wine Tours & Tastings

Amalfi Coast Wine Tours & Tastings


Explore the Amalfi coast, visiting a fishing villages with stunning scenery such us Praia of Praiano and Fiordo di Furore, we drive on the road called The Amalfi Drive, which runs along the sea and the Lattari Mountains. right here on Lattari Mountains we find a village called Tramonti just a few minutes from Ravello, famous for cow mozzarella, agriculture and ancient vineyards, during our day tour of the Amalfi Coast, we can make the visit and tasting of typical products, and taste the different wines, produced in this village, The wine in this area is particularly delicate, thanks to the climate, the soil fertilized by the ashes of the Mount Vesuvius, and the passion that farmers have for years engaged in preserving the vines of grapes. In fact in our day tour, you will see some very ancient grape vines, the wines that are produced in Tramonti, are,: White, Red and RosĂ©, with different quality of grapes, like,: Biancolella, Tintore, Falanghina and Piede Palumbo, wine made with grapes Tintore, is a particular wine of high gradation, very indicated for meat meals, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and is a wine that you can found only in this area of the Amalfi Coast

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Tenuta San Francesco Winery

A village located above Amalfi coast, thanks to the perfect clime combination, the vulcanic soil from the several eruption of the Vesuvius mount  and the passion of some people in winemaking here is the Red and rose Costa d’Amalfi Tramonti wines are based on classic Campanian red varieties AglianicoPiedirosso and Sciascinoso (also known as Olivella). Their white equivalents are composed of Falanghina and  Biancolella, under their respective local names Biancazita and Biancatenera.

your lunch will be prepared by the ladies who work in the winery, you will spend a day of life with local people which will prepare the sauce for pasta, or pasta with beans, sausage with potatoes, you can taste the toasted bread, which is seasoned with tomatoes and olive oil. you can also get acquainted with other people like you are in this winery for a Wine and Food Tour in Amalfi Coast.


Osteria and winery Reale, in Tramonti.

Rediscover the authentic flavors of Mediterranean cuisine prepared by a chef on the Amalfi Coast, accompanied by delicious wines of their production.

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