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Paestum Greek Temples and Buffalo Mozzarella

Paestum Greek Temples and Buffalo Mozzarella


This day excursion is designed for those who wish to enjoy the highlights of Paestum and visit / tasting in a Buffalo Mozzarella .

Paestum, or Poseidonia as it was originally known, was founded by Greeks  from Sybaris in the 6th century BC. The Greeks built three great temples – the first dedicated to Hera and two more of uncertain dedications – between about 550 and 450 BC.

The city was colonized by the Romans in 273 BC, who Latinized its name to Paestum and added the usual Roman infrastructure of roads, forum and theaters. Christians moved in around the 5th century AD, converting at least one temple into a church and building a new church nearby.

By the 9th century AD, the land had become swampy and a combination of malaria and Saracen raids had decimated the population. The city and its great temples were abandoned and gradually overtaken by the forest, where it remained hidden until its discovery in the 18th century during the building of a road.
Paestum is home to three magnificent Doric temples, which are thought to be dedicated to the city’s namesake Poseidon (known to the Romans as Neptune), Hera and Ceres. The temples of Neptune and Hera are located next to each other at the southern end of the site, while the smaller Temple of Ceres is at the northern end. You can walk up close to the temples, but they are roped off to prevent interior access.

Rates include the use of our luxury vehicles, English speaking driver to and from the port or your Hotel..
Lunch, gratuities, or entrance fees to the sites are not included.



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